Elfin Distributors has a weird name for a blog, so I understand when people first click to find out more they are confused as to what they will find. Truthfully, this blog is about home and garden improvement. I am a builder within Newcastle, and if you have ever been to Newcastle (or our unpopular neighbour, Sunderland) then you would know that many of the homes do not care for their gardens. Truthfully, many of the homes in this area aren’t even looked after very well, let alone the garden. It’s a sad when home owners within your city don’t care enough about their homes to even look after it very well.

Another thing that is quite clear and annoying about the city of Newcastle is how little people even try to take care of their homes structurally and aesthetically. As we all know, if a home owner is not taking care of their home or garden properly, then you can see it with your own eye if you are just visiting the location. But many of the home owners within the area don’t even take care of the actual structure of the home or its foundations either.

As a builder, I often see homes that are neglected, and you can tell just from a loft conversion or even halfway through a property renovation how well a home has been taken care of. That is why it is so common to see homes within the area become decrepit and ruined. It also doesn’t help that we live in a city that is often humid more times out of the year than anything else, meaning the condensation is slowly seeping into the woodwork and foundations of the home.  This is something that we often encounter and something we are actively trying to fight against.

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