The most beautiful garden

Although I spent the last blog post practically moaning about some of the homes within the Newcastle area, there are many homes where they have taken great care of the gardens. There was one home that I visited that I still think to this day was amazing.  The home itself was nothing spectacular. It was nice, but that wasn’t what made the house so memorable once I finished working there. What made it truly great was the garden that the home owner had cultivated. It was something that you could easily see on T.V. because it looked so great.

The bushes and hedges of the garden were growing and cut into a way that made the garden look like it had a little maze running throughout. I know that it wasn’t built and designed to be a maze too, which made the garden itself look so great. It was a miniature maze and it was clearly designed to replicate the way the top of a maze looks without trying to be one. The grounding of the miniature maze was white pebble stones, making it very easy to walk around and giving the area itself a great light.

The whole garden wakes up just because of those little stones, especially in the summer when the sun shines down on them and they brighten up the entire area.  They were also encased around small concrete holders so that the pebbles wouldn’t break off into the grass that surrounded the bushes. You also must note the contrast between the dark green bushes and hedges and the shine of the white pebbles to really understand how amazing and lit up the garden looked because of such a small addition.

It takes such little things for a garden or home to really come to life, so it’s truly a shame more people don’t take such notice of their own homes and gardens.

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