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Getting creative on a budget with your outside space can lead to some surprising landscaping ideas.

You will need to first consider the available space and what you have planned to use it for. Is your back garden a place that you like to spend time in? Is your front garden too small? Determining what you want from your space and what you want to use it, will guide your landscaping decisions. Below are some ideas to start you off:


Plant Perennials

Perennials are great if you are on a budget.  The initial outlay maybe higher, but they are guaranteed to bloom year after year, unlike annuals that only live for a season. There are several Perennials to choose from, including:

–Kangaroo Paw

You can mix and match these plants, when designing the landscape to give a unique look to your garden.


Another inexpensive way to add a customised design to your garden, is the use of planters and pots. Planters designed for outdoor use come in a variety of shapes and you can choose from a variety of different textures and designs for your planters, they could be made from wine crates or barrels, tires, or old pallets, or you can buy one made and paint it in a bright colour to create a stand out planter.

Terracotta is usually sold unpainted, but if you put these pots in water, they can be painted using a water-based paint.

Ask Friends for Cuttings

Did you know that there are many flowers and plants that can grow from a small cutting of another plant? Before you head to your chosen nursery to buy plants, seedlings or bulbs, check with your friends who may take some cuttings of their plants which you can reciprocate, if you have a plant they admire. This can be a very effective way to plant some beautiful flowers and plants at little cost to you.

Thanks for reading. In our next blog, we will be covering plant cuttings.

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