If you are having a tough time deciding to choose from a bi-folding or a sliding door, to break up the garden and the interior of your house or business, please read our brief guide covering the differences in the types of doors available.

Bi-fold or folding doors

Bifold doors can be known by several different names such as bi-folding doors, folding sliding doors, glass sliding doors, sliding room dividers, a concertina door, or a zig-zag door. A bifold door slides open along a track, using either a weathered or flush track. Weathered tracks are useful in exterior spaces with stairs, or when a building is exposed by the elements. Flush tracks are installed on a level threshold between interior and exterior spaces.


Once installed, the doors open wide enough to stack up against the wall, leaving just the doorframe exposed, creating a seamless opening from the interior to the external areas of the building. If you are concerned about securing the building, then you should ensure that the glass is at least 4mm thick with a five-point locking system.


There are many styles to choose from that can appeal to every taste and budget, alternatively, you can have a custom made one built by your door installation expert, to suit your needs. You can use timber for a natural look one made from aluminium for modern and minimalist designs. Aluminium is strong as well as resilient, this enables the frames to be thinner and the glass panels wider to cover a larger area but is usually a more expensive material to use.

Sliding doors

If you would prefer a partial opening door and a panoramic view from your home, then you may opt for the sliding door option instead. Make sure you talk over your plans with an expert and let them know how intend to use your space, they will help you choose an option to fit your individual needs.


Thanks for reading, please join us in the next blog, for advice on garden water features.

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