Garden Water Features

Garden Water Features


When choosing a water feature whether its a pond, rill, fountain or a swimming pool, a water feature can add movement, sound, reflect the light around the garden and help to cool you down in the summer months.  You can create a habitat for wildlife, or let the kids splash about, ensuring for safety purposes, full visibility from your internal space. These ideas were all given by loft conversions Newcastle based companies!


Creating a water feature in your garden can be fun and challenging, please read the guidelines below, to help you along the way.


  1. Ensure to place a water supply (if needed) and a mains power supply connection within reach of the water feature.  An extension lead can be used, or an underground cable made from armoured cable trunking (to prevent tools penetrating it) can be run from an electrical power supply.  


Alternatively, use a solar powered feature, this would not require a mains cable and is eco-friendly, but would not work as well in a space with a limited light source.


  1. Creating a visually appealing waterfall is very easily done. Using rocks and stones to make slopes will fabricate a natural flow and direction for the water to flow in.


  1. Make sure you have enough space in your outside space, for your water feature and it is in proportion to the size of your area.


  1. To discourage mosquitoes from your pool, do not turn the filter off during winter or periods when the pool is not in use. By consistently maintaining the pool less time, effort, and money to adjust the pool water correctly for the next use, will be required.
  2. Run a timer for your filter on your pool/pond, to operate around 3-4 hours each day, this will keep your pool properly maintained and prevent a mosquito infestation.


  1. Use a pond skimmer to remove any surface debris, duckweed and leaves from your water feature.  You can also use a rake to remove blanket weed.


Thanks for reading our water feature blog, remember to seek professional advice when installing and maintaining a water feature.

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